About me

Hey, i am LucasMegaStriker,

a MCBE (Minecraft Bedrock Edition) mapmaker. MegaStriker is my artistic name, aka StrikerTeam, my old building team (doesn’t exists anymore) and Lucas, my real name.

I started working with mapmaking on beginning of 2015, a gold epoch for the minecraft community. My first work as StrikerTeam is the Mega Dropper series, getting a spooky large sucess on mapmaking community.

Recently on 2019 i released my first work inside the official Minecraft Marketplace with the PixelHeads Team called Mega Dropper Infinity, who brings the loved dropper minigame experience to the next level.

Check my complete works on MCPEDL WEBSITE.

My Twitter: @MegaStrikerMCPE

Post Destacado

Blast Impact Squad

The best explosive PvP/Minigame experience you can get to your Minecraft today is Blast Impact Squad! Call your friends and play into 5 different arenas and a special Survival Mode with a dangerous boss to defeat and little bomb entities chasing you!

Tons of retro-style music composed by myself, textures, sound effects, and much more you can get right now on MCPEDL website! A skin-pack has created also for improve the experience even more!

Download the Map for free!

Download the Skin Pack!

Project Spectron

You play as a cop inside the cyberspace, defend SynthPort City from the cyber-monsters attacks with a cool arsenal and many places to explore! Also, missions, texture changes and even CUSTOMIZED MUSIC composed by myself (MegaStriker) is waiting you!

Avaible in two languages: English and Portuguese! Download it now!

Download it now!

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